About us: 


1300 number direct is dedicated to providing the highest level of Service to its clients. Our aim is to strengthen businesses by providing them with comprehensive Business Tools designed to give an edge in todays competitive business environment.


Customer Experience
We provide quality customer support so you spend LESS time on the phone and MORE time on your business!


24 by 7 support

Specialised Team
The 1300/ 1800 direct team is composed of several individuals specializing in the different fields of telephony, to create and offer 1300 and 1800 Number Service direct to you. 1300 887 180


We serve all types of business customers, so no matter what type of calls you make, we are able to offer highly competitive rates, backed up by quality customer service.

Inbound services, namely 1800 and 1300/13 services, are THE way of making it easy for customers to contact your business. Anywhere; anytime. For new or existing customers, they’re convenient, consistent and easily recalled. Your business need not miss that sale, referral, inquiry, feedback etc ever again.

And the customised routing options available with 1800 and 1300/13 calls allows you to seamlessly administer, analyse and report telephone traffic to your business like never before. The potential for reduced operating costs, speedier client relations and enhanced sales is obvious.

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