How it works


The 1800/1300/13 inbound service is, in itself, a call diversion system. When a customer phones your 1800 or 1300/13 number they are actually diverted to a third number not displayed to the caller. Calls can be diverted depending on the phone number being called from or the location of the caller, and can be further re-directed if the destination number is busy or not answering.


What’s the difference between 1800 and 1300/13 numbers?


Not much. The only significant difference is how the call cost is divided. The cost of calls to 1800 numbers is paid by you, the business owner of that number. Cost of calls to a 1300/13 number is shared by both the caller ($0.25) and the business.


Calls to either 1800 or 1300/13 can be made from any telephone in Australia. This includes mobiles. However, mobile phone users generally incur a surcharge from the service provider regardless of the number called.


We offer call forwarding to multiple lines and even international numbers. We ensure your service works flawlessly, no matter how many times you switch the destination number - Click here to download inbound presentation

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